A Choral Rosary

I’ve been having fun putting together a Spotify playlist of settings of the Ave Maria – bookended with the Lord’s Prayer and the Gloria Patri: A Choral Rosary.

Full track listing (since Spotify’s tagging is a little inconsistent):

  1. Stavinsky: Pater Noster (Otche Nash)
  2. Elgar: Ave Maria
  3. Holst: Ave Maria
  4. Mendelssohn: Ave Maria
  5. Fauré: Ave Maria
  6. Parsons: Ave Maria
  7. Josquin Des Pres: Ave Maria
  8. Cornysh: Ave Maria
  9. Liszt: Ave Maria
  10. Saint-Säens: Ave Maria
  11. Stravinsky: Ave Maria
  12. Vivaldi: Gloria Patri/Sicut Erat (from Laudate Pueri)

If you don’t have Spotify, then my apologies: you will just have to meditate on the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries in silence. 🙂

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