Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1906-1945

Dietrich BonhoefferToday is the seventieth anniversary of the execution of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Flossenbürg concentration camp.

I’ve posted on Bonhoeffer numerous times over the years, most recently in Bonhoeffer and Luther on the psalms. Here are links to most of those posts.

The Cost of Discipleship 

In 2007, I wrote a series of posts on Bonhoeffer’s best-known book, The Cost of Discipleship, mostly to defend it from charges of “legalism”:

Another post based on The Cost of Discipleship is here: Recognising Christ the mediator.

Life Together 

Here’s a short series from 2010 on Bonhoeffer’s book, Life Together:

On a similar theme (though based on The Psalms: Prayer Book of the Bible) is this short post quoting Bonhoeffer on The blessing of morning prayer. I also quoted Life Together in this post on congregational singing: Singing with all your heart.

Seize the Day 

I first discovered Bonhoeffer shortly after I returned to faith in 1994, when I bought a copy of Charles Ringma’s book Seize the Day with Dietrich Bonhoeffer. This is a daily devotional which has a short quotation from Bonhoeffer for each day, followed by reflections written by Ringma.

My intermittent use of this book has led to a small number of blog posts over the years:

Other posts

Some other posts which don’t fit into the above categories:


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